Dan Vithyavuthi

Film and Game Composer

About DV Studios

DV Studios is a music production studio run by Dan Vithyavuthi, an award winning Los Angeles born composer who has studio locations in Los Angeles and Beijing.  With his experienced team, he is able to find the perfect music style that will bring out the best in your video, whether it be for Film, TV, or Commercials.

Here is a short bio about Dan.

I've been involved with music for all of my life, and it's played a big part in helping me become who I am today.  I feel that with music, you have the power to not only bring out emotions, but also bring out thoughts and memories that are very personal and important to each individuals life.  That's why I feel that we must find the right type of music to portray at the right time, rather than go with something that is/was popular or done again and again a hundred times before, and not just in music but in all aspects of creating, whether in film, games, or TV.  I believe that is the way to create an experience that is unique and powerful and will have a lasting impression.